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Quiz 5 – Plug Type

What kind of plug type do you need for your charger

Why is this important?
Type 1 Plug:It is a standard plug in the US and Asian regions. This single-phase plug boasts a charging power level of up to 7.4 kW (230 V, 32 A).

Type 2 Plug: This is a three-phase plug that’s more of a standard model across Europe. It has a higher charging power, can go up to 22 kW in private charging stations. Public charging stations charging power levels can go as high as 43 kW (440 V, 63 A, AC).

Universal Socket: If you need the charger to cater to two different plug types, we recommend choosing the universal socket version. The socketed charger doesn't come with a separate detached cable. You will need to ensure that you have a suitable cable, which is usually included when you purchase your electric vehicle. If not, you'll need to purchase your own.