Commercial Customers

What type of commercials needs EV chargers?

There are too many of them. 

If you have a huge parking space, you can install EV chargers and charge your car park visitors, especially the industry below:
– Property management companies
– Real estate, property developers
– Public Institutions like government buildings

Or if you just want to benefit visitors and attract them to visit your premises, such as the industries below:
– Shopping malls
– Hotels
– Restaurants

If you fall into one of the industries below, you are also welcome to consider:
– Fleet 
– You have a fleet and would want to change from gas vehicles to EVs. You will need EV chargers installed. 
– Automotive Industry
– If you sell cars, your customers will need EV chargers. 
E- lectricians
– Yes, we need you! 

There are unlimited possibilities, please feel free to write to us directly at

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