Customer Support

How can I get in touch with you?

– There is a Live Chat Box at the right bottom corner, we will assist. 
– We will get back to you within 24 hours if we are not able to provide an answer on the Live Chat. 

How long is the product warranty?

We offer a one-year basic warranty. (If the item is broken, we could send a replacement for free, but it doesn’t include labour fees like a site visit to inspect the broken charger, sending a new technician to remove the broken charger and install a new one, with terms and conditions applied). 

For your peace of mind, you could select our 3-year Warranty Plan. If anything happens within 3 years from the day you receive the item, please inform us and we will take care of everything. For more info, please visit Warranty Plan

What if the charger is broken and I don’t subscribe to the 3-year plan?

Please inform us, and we can still arrange for someone to inspect and fix it. But we will charge. We will not be able to advise the fees until our qualified electricians visit.

Do I need to send the broken charger to you?

It depends on the condition, our electricians will advise if we need you to do so. If you need a portable charger for temporary use, we can offer for free (If you subscribe to the Premium Warranty). Please return the portable charger to us once the new one has been installed. 

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